Weekend Sweeps

Green Hill Golf Course Sweeps

General Info

Our weekend sweeps events are open to male golfer of any ability. USGA handicaps are required. Handicaps of 12.7 or higher play the white tees, while under 12.7 play the blue tees. USGA rules govern play. See local rules on score card. Join our sweeps email data base by replying “Sweeps” to moisonm@worcesterma.gov. Once on our list you will get weekly updates on all the events. Tee times begin at 10AM.

Weekly sign up: It’s easy to sign up each week. Email moisonm@worcesterma.gov by 8 AM Thursday mornings for play on Saturday and 8AM Friday morning for play on Sunday. Tee times and pairing are emailed out every Thursday and Friday.

Events: Entry fee each week is $25. This includes the event and a skins pool. Entry fee is paid in the pro-shop prior to play.  Player’s scores will not be counted if not paid prior to play. Entry fees must be paid in cash. There will be a variety of events each weekend and will include individual play and partner/team play.

Player responsibilities:

  • Players must sign up or cancel prior to tee time being emailed out. Once pairings are set, players are responsible for the entry fee. Players that no-show or cancel after tee times have been sent out cannot play in another event until the entry fee is paid.
  • Each week 2 players will be assigned scoring duties. (rotates amongst all players throughout the season) Players that choose not to do the scoring when assigned may be assigned future additional scoring duties or prohibited from playing future events.
  • Be on time and play with the group you are assigned. Players that are late for their tee time may join their group on the course. Missed hole will not be scored. Players must play with their assigned groups. Players swapping groups will not have their scores counted.

As a general rule, players must play during the sweeps timeframe.  However, when noted, there will be events that allow players to play in sweeps while making their own tee time. Players that play in their own tee time slot must have 3 sweeps players in the group. Only events that denote “early play allowed” shall be eligible for this policy.